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To produce creative and engaging work in animation with a focus in character animation and storyboarding, and to gain experience in the industry while improving technical skills.


University of the Arts

2009 - 2013

Graduated May 2013 from the Animation class with a Bachelors of Fine Arts.  Dean's List.  Aaronson Scholarship.  Specialized in 2D animation, layout and character design, storyboarding, and creative writing.


JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts

2014 - present

Part-time inventory coordinator.  Keyholder position.  Responsible for handling the register and cutting counter as well as answering customer questions, taking phone calls, and keeping the store's appearance tidy.  Also responsible for receiving truck shipments and unloading and stocking merchandise.

Independant Art Sales

2012 - present

Selling artwork at art shows.  Occasionally collaborated with other artists.  In other cases, I managed the table myself and gave certain responsibilities to individuals that I would bring along to help handle sales and interact with customers.


2012 - 2014

Part-time recovery.  Responsible for keeping up the appearance of the store.  I would work with a small team of anywhere from two to seven members that would go around and fix racks, tables, and return merchandise to its proper place.  Also responsible for taking care of customer inquiries and directing them to what they were looking for, in addition to building sales.



Seasonal cashier.  Responsible for the cash register and keeping the area around it tidy.


Storybook (2014) - 1:40

Cut-out animation (Paint Tool SAI + AfterEffects).  Artwork, animation, editing.  Used in a short game I made using RPG Maker XP.

Moon Animate Make Up!  Scene 010_009 (2014) - 0:01

2D animation (Flash).  Animation & clean-up.  (At 2:33 of the video)

Canvas Curse (2013) - 0:17

2D animation (Flash+AfterEffects).  Animation, clean-up, editing.  Kirby © Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

Goat and Sheep (2013) - 4:53

2D animation (Flash+AfterEffects).  Concept, storyboard, animation, clean-up, editing.  My thesis film.

Surprise! (2012) - 2:04

2D animation (Flash+AfterEffects).  Concept, storyboard, animation, clean-up, editing.  My junior film.

Untitled (2012) - 0:30

Stop-motion. Puppet construction, animation, set design, camera, editing.

The Madman (2011) - 0:37

2D animation (Flash).  Concept, animation, editing.

ARIS (2011)

2D animation (Photoshop + AfterEffects). Composition & editing.  Client piece.

Zauber (2011) - 2:02

Cut-out animation (Photoshop + AfterEffects).  Concept, storyboard, artwork, animation, editing.

Untitled (2010) - 0:30

2D animation (traditional).   Animation, clean-up, editing.  Sophomore year film.

Clam (2009) - 0:13

Cut-out animation (Paper + Premiere.  Artwork, animation, editing.  Freshman year film.


Retail Hell (2017)

Very short atmospheric 2D pixel game made using RPG Maker XP.  All visual assets, event programming, and map layouts were also done by me.   It was made in a month for a Horror Funhouse Jam on itch.io.


Living Playground (2014)

Short "morbid puzzle" 2D pixel game made using RPG Maker XP.  All artwork assets were created by me.  All game programming and map layouts were also done by me.



  • English
  • German

Advanced Proficiency (5+ years) in:

  • Photoshop
  • AfterEffects
  • Flash
  • Premiere
  • Microsoft Office Suite

Knowledgeable in (2-4 years):

  • Maya
  • Stop-motion puppet making
  • Stop-motion set design
  • HTML

Willing-to-learn beginner (0-1 year) in:

  • Illustrator
  • CSS
  • ActionScript
  • Zbrush